In order to be the dream, the first thing to do is to GET WISDOM, according to Dr Hans selye: he said there are two kinds of stress. Distress and Eustress .    Distress comes from hating your work which results in multiple pressure of life thereby causing total loss of vision. The end product of this is what makes you become a victim.

While Eustress comes from the positive tension between where we are now and where we want to go.-some meaningful goals or projects or causes that really turns us on and taps into our talents and passions; our voice.
Dr selye’s teachings have shown how eustress braces the immune system and increases longevity and enjoyment of life. Eustress is a kind of right stress which strengthens us and enlarges and increases our capacity, which should be balanced and tempered by proper rest and relaxation or what is called EUSTRESS MANAGEMENT. you have to be disciplined to tell your body what to do and not what it wants to do.